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Yummyvibe is African American black chat line that offers a 30 min free trial for first-time users. It is one of the highest rating black phone sex numbers in the market. With over 20k monthly traffic, it is the most liked adult sex number for African American singles.

  • Editor’s rating: 10/10.
  • Free trials: 30 min.
  • Call: 888-420-0909

There is no shortage of black chat lines however, better chat lines are harder to get. There is no way to find out a non-techy person to find out how many people are actually using a particular chat line. Because, without the people, what will you do?

The solution is an online user review based on testing, using that chat line. So, I’ve tried a lot and presented you with an honest review on Yummyvibe.

So, what is Yummyvibe? Yummyvibe is an African American chat line service for phone sex through local black users on voice calls. It is not a dating site, however, some people are using this for getting laid and romantic.

Yummyvibe phone number review

Before I review this chat line, I confess this particular chat line is active and user-friendly. Their website is cool and informative; everything is described clearly. I had no problem digging into the information that I need.

Name Yummyvibe
Established 2009
Entry 18+
Users North American
Operating Language English
Community Black Adults
HotList Yes
PhotoSharing N/a
App N/a
LGBTQ service N/a
Operating area US and Canada
Estimated visitor 30k/month
Users trend Increasing
Users loyalty (trust) Positive
User base Large
Editor’s Rating 10/10
Anonymity Yes
Safety High
Privacy Policy Yes, USA standard
Personal information asked Name, address, phone number & credit card.
Local search Yes (via postcode) and manual selection.
Community engagement Yes
3 some/group sex N/a
Block callers Yes
Self adding Talktime Yes
Dating Matching N/a
Greeting Clip Up to 1 minute
Pre-recorded voice clip Yes (premium only)
Deducted membership After 3 months if your account remains silent.
Customer service 24/7, visit here
Free trials Yes
Price $29.99 for 100 min, $9.99 for 60 min, and $4.99 for 10 min.
Female Subscription N/a
Payment options
Payment options Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, or authorize.net
Payment Security Yes (via high secured SSL)
Sign up bonus N/a
Members loyalty reward Yes (via points and minutes)

Why Yummyvibe is better?

If 20k active users every month, and 30 minutes free trial is not enough for you, then $0.29 cents per min call rate, SSL security, and Hotlist feature will help you decide. I’ve seen a low of low quality, low traffic chat line with a higher call rate, they are befooling you, but Yummyvibe isn’t. A user-friendly website with quality information and local chat really makes it unique.

Entry requirements

As per the American adult regulation act, you must be over 18 to enjoy their service. They will verify it at the time of credit card submission. They have the right to terminate your account for violation of this rule.


The Yummyvibe is safe and secured with an HTTPS connection. You will see security is everywhere, from browsing to payment. They do not ask for any private information unless you forget your password. Your profile will be anonymous unless you disclose your information in a private chat.

Can I save “Hotlist”?

Yes, like all the up to date and modern chat line, Yummyvibe offer Hotlist to its premium users. You will not get it until you purchase the minute to pack.

What types of women call Yummyvibe?

Yummyvibe does not hire any women to talk to its users. That’s means, you will get real, honey black women through it. When I checked it thoroughly, I found all women are real and friendly. Everyone is really excited to have a phone sexual conversion with me.

Can I get laid using the Yummyvibe phone number?

Well, it has the technology like hotlist and massive 20k traffic; not just mixed traffic, clear and focused African American black traffic which shared a strong sexual intention of getting laid. I personally use Yummyvibe to get laid within a week of friendship!

There is a lot of young, seductive black males and females who use this chat line. It is you who can trick them into bed.

Free trial

Yummyvibe has a free trial of 30 minutes for first-time users. But you must use a credit card for that. Free trial minutes ensure your reliability and trust on them.


Yummyvibe is not the cheapest chat line I’ve found but still, a $0.29 per minute call rate with all other features is worth trying.

Price for men: You will get $29.99 for 100 min, $9.99 for 60 min, and $4.99 for 10 min.

Price for women: Always Free.

Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, or ECheck.Net.

Payment security: All of your information with secured SSL.


Yummyvibe is a much better option for African American adults. Anyone can consider using their trial and minute pack without any hesitation. It is highly considerable.

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