College Party Lines Number | Best College Role-Playing Sex Line


Flirting with a college girl is like a dream to someone like you; not just you; it is very trending among most US guys. But the problem I found, getting them over the phone is not easy. I have tried many free chat lines, but there is no way you can hang with only college girls, but hopefully, College Party Lines is the only place I came across fulfilling my naughtiest desire. Read College Party Line’s review and see if I can help you too.


The naughtiest girls from all over the US college are using this chat line cause they have found it helpful, which is very appealing to us. But I found that many women or girls like to think as college students and love the role-playing of a naughty college girl and wish to fulfill their sexual desire. So, if you want only real college girls, this place might not be for you because there is no way of identifying users’ identities on a chat line.

So, without ado, let’s dig into the in-depth review on College Party Lines.

College Party Lines Number | Best College Role-Playing Sex Line

It is claimed that College Party Lines is the best party line for flirting with college students. Still, I think it is best for college students role-playing party line which, of course, is understandable for a claver user like you if you are not the new guy in the chat line dating industry

Name College Party Lines
Established 2008
Users Adult (18+)
Operating Language English
Community College role playing
LGBTQ service N/a
Operating area US and Canada
Estimated visitor 1k+/month
Users trend Neg
Users loyalty (trust) Moderate
User base Phone sex community
Editor’s Rating 7/10
Anonymity Yes
Safety High
Privacy Policy Yes, USA standard
Password Recovery Via email
Personal information asked Name, address, phone number
Local search N/a, manual selection
Community engagement N/a
3 some/group sex N/a
Block callers Yes
Self adding Talktime N/a
Dating Matching N/a
Greeting Clip Yes
Pre-recorded voice clip Yes
Deducted membership After 3 months if your account remains silent.
Customer service 24/7
Free trials Yes, 30 min
Price 30 Minutes at $14.99, 105 Minutes at $29.99, 215 Minutes at $44.99, 425 Minutes at $79.99, 1130 Minutes at $199.99
Female Subscription Lifetime free
Payment options
Payment options Credit Card, Debit Card, Pre-Paid Credit Card,

PayPal, Check-by-Phone, or Western Union

Payment Security Yes
Sign up bonus N/a
Members loyalty reward N/a

Age requirement:

College Party Lines doesn’t allow anyone under 18 years of age, and all users comply with their rules to use their service, which of course, I think is a sign of a good chat line.

Why is it better?

I found College Party Lines is better on two options_ niche-based adult chat line and adult focus service with live CAM options.

All-purpose chat line often feels boring to me for its user base who don’t know what to talk about. Besides, it is hard to find the desired role-playing partner, sometimes, you need to knock 10 to 50 women for it, and still, they will say you their desired thing. So, if you wish to talk to college girls with unlimited kink, naughtiest desire, this might help you a lot.

Secondly, It is exceptionally adult-focused; you don’t need to tell others what to talk_ everyone is mature and knows why they are here. It demands no Membership charges and a Credit Card for free trials, which men can use up to 30 minutes, and women are always free with no additional charges. They also offer 24/7 live support, private messaging along with 100% real women from your local area.


Although it is anonymous and confidential to its users, I found it HTTPS issues which are not industry-standard service and sign of top-class chatline service. Otherwise, Is it safe and secure? They don’t ask for your confidential data and don’t display it on your profile which is ok. So, after checking their site carefully, I found them much standard and you can use them without worrying.

Do College Party Lines offer area code chat lines/local chat?

College Party Lines offers local chat for some of the most popular cities, but it doesn’t cover the whole USA for local coverage; I suggest you better find out if they are available in your area or not by using their free trials.

Their local chat is not automated which means, you have to select it manually.

Can I save “Hotlist”?

No, the hotlist service is not available on College Party Lines, but they support instant messaging options, which could be helpful to you. But you cant take any women outside of the chat line easily that you could have happened with other industry standards, up-to-date modern phone sex lines.

Do I need to record the voice clip over and over again?

With College Party Lines, you can record your voice once and re-use it over and over again, although your profile will go offline after you get out of the website.

What Kind of Women Call Girls Flirt Free?

100% of college role-playing and like-minded girls use College Party Lines to fulfill their thirst for sexual desires.

Free trials

With every new number, a man will get 30 minutes of free trial to explore College Party Lines properly, and after that, you will be charged.


For women: Lifetime free access!

For men: The cost of using Girls Flirt Free is 30 Minutes at $14.99, 105 Minutes at $29.99, 215 Minutes at $44.99, 425 Minutes at $79.99, 1130 Minutes at $199.99.

Payment options: Credit Card, Debit Card, Pre-Paid Credit Card, PayPal, etc.

Note: I didn’t see SSL security features for your payment security.

Customer service

24/7 on-demand customer service is always at your side in case if you need any assistance.


After reviewing every point, I found College Party Lines is the best for college role-playing chat lines, and there is no match for college women with other services. But at the same time, few flaws can’t be ignored. Overall, I recommend College Party Lines for its focused adult fantasy college sex line.

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